2016 Around the World Reading Challenge

The Around the World Challenge is hosted by All About Books.



The goal of the Around the World challenge is to visit as many different places in the world through books, especially places that are rather rare, and not the kind of settings you see in 95% of all the books you read. We’re are going to do this by creating a google map where every pin on the map stands for one book. The goal is to have as many pins as possible and they shouldn’t be very close to each other but spread all over.

The rules

  • There is no start and/or end date for when to join the challenge (latest date to enter your link is Dec 31st, 2016)
  • A book counts if you’ve read it in 2016 (= started AND finished in 2016), no matter when you joined the challenge
  • If characters travel to different places in the book, every place counts
    Tip: you can connect places on a google map!
  • One book can count for multiple or even all mini challenges

My Map:


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